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All our employees are fully trained and comply with current legislation.

We are Environmental Agency registered and licensed waste carriers.

We are fully insured and licensed to take on any work that we quote for.


Waste Clearance

At Strip and Clear Services, we offer a range of waste removal services tailored to your needs, including caged tippers and roll-on roll-off skips

Our caged tippers handle large volumes of waste, making them ideal for bulky items and construction debris. They provide a quick and efficient solution for substantial clean-up projects. 

Our roll-on roll-off skips come in various sizes, perfect for both small and large-scale tasks. These skips are easy to load and unload, making them excellent for ongoing projects and extensive waste generation.

We guarantee that all collected waste is responsibly managed. Every load is transported to a state-of-the-art waste recovery centre, where up to 98% of materials are recycled. This significantly reduces landfill use and promotes a circular economy. 

Choosing our waste removal services ensures a clean and efficient solution while contributing to a greener planet. 

Our experienced team is dedicated to handling all waste safely, efficiently, and in an environmentally responsible manner.


Waste Clearance in South East England

The geographic area of London, Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, and Kent presents unique challenges and opportunities for waste clearance services. London generates significant waste due to its dense population and commercial activities. Effective waste clearance requires a well-coordinated system to manage high volumes and diverse types of waste, ensuring timely and environmentally friendly disposal and recycling.

Sussex, Surrey, and Kent, with their mix of urban and rural environments, demand specialized waste clearance strategies. Rural areas face challenges related to accessibility and lower waste volumes, while urban centers need frequent collection services. Towns like Brighton and Guildford require comprehensive waste management to handle higher population density and commercial activities.

Hampshire, with its coastal towns, rural countryside, and cities like Southampton and Portsmouth, adds complexity to waste clearance. Coastal regions must address marine waste and environmental impacts on waterways. The agricultural landscape produces unique waste requiring specialized disposal. Integrating recycling initiatives and waste reduction programs is crucial to minimize environmental impact and promote sustainability.

Who We are

Meet the Experts Behind Strip and Clear Services

About Us

We are a family-run business with extensive experience, bridging the gap between the giants in waste clearance and ‘one-man bands.’

At Strip and Clear Services, we take pride in offering top-notch service to our clients, managing projects from residential properties to large commercial sites.

Strip and Clear Services has evolved into the premier provider of waste clearance solutions in South East England. Whether your project is residential or commercial, we provide the fastest response and the best value for your waste clearance needs.

We expertly handle the removal and disposal of all types of waste. From household junk and garden debris to construction site waste and commercial rubbish, we cover all facets of the waste clearance process.

Areas we cover:

We can extend our service coverage upon establishing a formal agreement.

This agreement will ensure that all logistical, operational, and financial aspects are clearly defined and mutually agreed upon, allowing us to deliver the same high standard of service in new areas as we do in our current location.

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