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All our employees are fully trained and comply with current legislation.

We are Environmental Agency registered and licensed waste carriers.

We are fully insured and licensed to take on any work that we quote for.


Enabling Works

Strip and Clear excels in the meticulous dismantling of plants, equipment, and structures for recovery, reinstallation, or disposal.

Our highly trained team employs a variety of specialized techniques tailored to each project, systematically reversing the construction process to deconstruct structures efficiently and safely.

In areas with adjacent buildings or noise restrictions, we use hand tools and smaller machinery to minimize disruption and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. 

Our precise, engineered approach, while more time-consuming, allows us to recover a greater number of assets for resale, significantly helping to offset closure costs and additional staffing expenses.

Dedicated to safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility, Strip and Clear provides high-quality dismantling services that prioritize the recovery and reuse of valuable assets. 

Whether your project involves reinstallation, recycling, or disposal, you can rely on us to handle it with the utmost professionalism and care, making us a trusted partner for all your dismantling needs.


Enabling Works in South East England

The region encompassing London, Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, and Kent offers diverse opportunities for enabling works services. London, a bustling global hub, requires extensive reconfiguration and refurbishment of commercial and residential spaces. This dynamic urban environment necessitates efficient, eco-friendly enabling works to support its continuous development.

Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, and Kent, while less urbanized, also have significant needs. Sussex and Surrey are seeing a rise in housing and commercial projects, requiring professional enabling works to modernize existing structures. Hampshire’s coastal towns and Kent’s historic areas further contribute to the demand, often needing specialized services to maintain architectural integrity and address environmental considerations.

For enabling works service providers, this region presents a wide array of projects. London needs high-volume, fast turnarounds for its commercial and luxury residential sectors. In the neighboring counties, the focus is on tailored services for heritage building renovations and sustainable dismantling. This variety necessitates a flexible approach, making the region a prime market for adaptable and comprehensive enabling works services.

Who We are

Meet the Experts Behind Strip and Clear Services

About Us

We are a family-run business with vast experience, bridging the gap between the giants in enabling works and ‘one-man bands.’

Strip and Clear Services takes pride in delivering the perfect service to our customers, handling properties from private homes to commercial buildings and beyond.

Strip and Clear Services has grown to become the leading provider of enabling works solutions in South East England. Whether your needs are in a residential or commercial premises, we are capable of providing the quickest response and best value for money enabling works service.

We efficiently handle the preparation of sites for construction, including the removal of all unwanted materials, debris, and non-structural elements. From dismantling interiors to responsible disposal, and clearing out kitchens, bathrooms, and office spaces, we cover all aspects of the enabling works process.

Areas we cover:

We can extend our service coverage upon establishing a formal agreement.

This agreement will ensure that all logistical, operational, and financial aspects are clearly defined and mutually agreed upon, allowing us to deliver the same high standard of service in new areas as we do in our current location.

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